Hello guys, am sooo excited!!! Finally it’s the 18th, my BIRTHDAY… even if am writing my mid semester exams this period and I even have a paper tomorrow I am sooo excited and am really grateful to God for another year and seeing me through my teen years. Looking from today to a year ago, a whole lot has changed in me, for me and because of me physically, emotionally and spiritually. But oh well change is constant yeah? Am glad the knowledge I have, I got on time as a teenager. These are the years decisions are made, foundations are built, mistakes are made and corrections are taken.

A lot of people conceive the idea that “teen years are for having fun and the twenties are for building”; when eventually the twenties come, you will end up regretting not laying up plans or you will still be leaving in that regret. Am not saying be boring, NO! it should not be part of you to be boring but  making decisions that affect your entire life mostly come in these years, think properly, analyze and if possible ask older people who have been there.I normally went down on my knees asking God for direction, many times I didn’t listen and I went ahead to do what was more desirable to me… repercussions were harsh. Don’t get hurt before you learn a lesson, learn from others that have been there because it sometimes takes years to heal from mental and emotional wounds.

I wasn’t the most perfect teenage girl but am glad I made some decisions when I had to, learnt some lessons and made my plans. Mainly to the girls, know the difference between you and a boy, at any time boys can pick up their lives from wherever they left off but as a girl, one bad decision can ruin every good decision you ever made; as a woman, your level of independence, ability to stand in the face of creeping temptations, and intellectual standing matters too much. Don’t allow yourself to be a subject of disrespect, be used as a sort of sexual satisfaction or be pointed to as loose. No! Far be it from you.

This is already too long a story for a birthday post… hahahahah especially since reading isn’t much of a thing in this generation anymore and I also put this mainly as my personal style blog/diary, I will stop here but I will be launching my YouTube channel today if I have the time to spare from studying so I can do better talking and you do better listening. subscribe here

The 18th (my birthday) wasn’t as lit because SCHOOL!!! but my friends sure made it fun. A good friend of mine took me out for lunch and Lord was I starving; I really had fun for the few minutes I had to eat and here are a few pictures from my day… thanks for stopping by and if there’s any word of advice you have for teenagers, drop your comments below. Thank you

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