Wearing:”Louboutin” printed sweat shirt | My mum’s trouser pants(similar) | Terranova slip ons

The sweatshirt is not the actual brand, I’m not sure if louboutin even makes clothing but its my fav sweatshirt because its red, and these pants oh these pants,it’s thick but really comfortable, puurfect for the weather and better for winter. I took them from my mom the last time I was with her and I don’t regret it, my mum is like four sizes ahead of me so fitting it wasnt sooooo HARD (I nearly ruined it but the seamstress was good with her job and the fit came out right) I just love the faux pocket zip detail on it. My shoes are from terranova

I didn’t accessorize much because I wanted it as minimal as possible just my watch and earrings. An outfit for an errand day or maybe just a simple warm not too chilly school day.