HAPPY NEW MONTH guys… So, I really feel so terrible with how I lag at blogging since I started all over again.  As a university student, I thought it was going to be hard but I always do have time to spare, the only problem I sometimes face is finding time and someone to shoot my outfits. I formed a really bad habit of procrastinating too and for a start, that’s just the worst excuse I can have for not putting up posts. I actually noticed the views on the blog increased since I posted the link on instagram; never knew that was going to be a good way of letting the world know of this but yeeey! am glad it was.

So this is my birth month, yaaaasss! and am DETERMINED to balance my school work and social life(am always on the internet God!) and christain life mostly(it needs the strongest boost), midterms are just around the corner and I need to focus and increase the diligence level by 40% more cos I think am 60% now lol am also EXCITED on my YouTube channel am about to start ANTICIPATING  my birthday seriously, I’ll be celebrating two decades so

Am writing this post in appreciation of those who actually followed the link here, I am really grateful and promise to be consistent and devoted to this blog. Thank you so much for your understanding and believe me I have a  whole lot of goodies coming from me to you this season. #fall #autumn