Omg! finally its fall, I am so excited, this is my favourite season of the four. From my daily  coffee to comfortably wearing knits in a warm cool weather, not too much layering and not to talk of how fresh I always feel in this season. To be very honest with you, sometimes the cold gets to me, like right now as I make this post I am on a level of cold I don’t really enjoy much -_- but warm sheets and hot coffee keeps me typing.

From my last post (*whispers* its an introduction post) you already know am into style, and this is literally my first style inspired post so I’ll be launching my blog with a few of my fall must have or rather wish-to-have *sniffs*. Some are essentials, others just the sheer joy of having them in my wardrobe and smiling at them every morning while I get dressed. lol
And just in case you love any of the items and want to shop them with me, I will leave the link below to the ones I could find.

DISCLAIMER: none of these photos are mine. Just pictures from google and a few shopping sites. Okay guess we good lets start.

  1. The Navy Bomber Jacket


Oh! This is definitely an essential, just by the look, I feel warm already and don’t get me started on the chic look it’s going to give to every outfit I pair it with from a casual black gown to a nice fitted jeans and it doesn’t even select any particular footwear, from heels to sneakers, it’s a go-go… This is certainly a must have

    2. The Vintage Colourful Sweater

This I think would be an essential, I have searched but I haven’t found the perfect one that screams my name anywhere, please if you happen to come across any please do me good and leave a link. This would be great for thanksgiving and Christmas; it gives this 90s look and feel and oh please I would love it big, (that’s just the style) partly tucked in at an edge in shorts paired with over the knee boots*sighs* “perfect”. Or to achieve a 90s look, just pair it with a boyfriend jeans and sneakers or mules and you are good to go.

3. Over The Knee Boots


Grey Over-The-Knee Boots

I would definitely smile at this pair at least once a day, not so much of an essential but I wish-want it. I would pair this with an oversized jumper and it even blends well when paired with jeans or any casual short sweater dress

4.  Boyfriend Jeans

bf jeans.jpg

pull and bear boyfriend jeans from asos

This is now almost an essential in a girls wardrobe details on this just makes me smile everytime; not too distressed, not too tight, perfect wash blue colour; it just was made for me. hehehe this would give my leather jackets so much happiness this fall.

5.  Suede Baseball Caps

Suede caps for $4

Am totally in love with baseball caps (or as some people call it strapbacks), and these colours have this beautiful autumn feel. I would definitely rock them throughout fall till winter comes properly especially the one in burgundy colour.

Well, I have come to the end of my wish to have but…would have soon list for fall/ autumn.. lol thanks for stopping by and oh feel free to share your favourite clothing for fall and what you would love to add to your wardrobe this beautiful season.