Hello, this is my first blog post and to be honest, I am so happy with myself to finally start this blog and yeeey! Well, my name is Tejiri, most people call me teejay, I am a Nigerian female blogger, I read way too much blogs and  that made me think  of how to start grand but then I said to myself “young woman, you didn’t grow up in one day… you started as a baby, into a toddler and gradually now into a preety young lady” *rolls eyes sarcastically* hahahahaha well yeah…

So, I really do love playing with my wardrobe, expressing myself with different styles and fashion trends, writing randomly, and a few nature photo shoots won’t hurt. So yeah, I will be uploading pictures and details of my outfits here, I am also  developing a habit of trying out beauty products (skin and hair) and I’ll be dropping reviews on products am trying out, my favourites and what has worked great for me soooo, basically thats all there’s going be for now, I hope you really have great fun with me as I start this journey and continue with me as I grow and hey feel free to drop comments and enquires about anything I’ll be glad to be of help


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